Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bought New Car

Not me but SIL (my brother's wife). She just bought a used Kelisa for RM21k because my brother is way too naggy and too worried when she drives his car. Well, it is time they get 2nd car so that my brother does not have to chauffeur her to the hospital everyday and then rush to send their children to nursery and then to work coz they starts work at the same time but she finishes one hour earlier.

As for me, we still do not have the means to buy a better car. Hope this coming New Year, God will bless us financially and if He says that we need a better car, He will provide. Right now, we can just Ooh and Aah at the car that we dream of having.

Btw, those who owns motorhome, I read that you can get good Hey, motorhome warranty from Good Sam.