Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thinking of them

Yes, many times I would think of my children and what it would be like when they are older. What would they become? Would they be successful in getting good job? As a mother, I can’t help but to think of these questions from time to time. How would they be able to pay for their university fees? I think most of the mothers would want to have an education fund for their children. I too have that in mind.

However, instead of putting it in the normal bank savings, I put the fund into gold saving accounts. Yes, invest in gold or precious metals for your children. I was thinking of contacting the gold coin dealer like Monaco Rare Coin and buy the actual gold coins. On second thoughts, I do not know where I can keep the actual gold coins so I opted for gold saving accounts. Hopefully, in 10 -15 years down the road, the price would be tripled or more of its price now.

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