Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ways To Earn Money

This month, my income is not looking good. My mind kept thinking of others ways to earn money.

Cupcakes - I am not creative enough to decorate cupcakes and I don't think Malaccan willing to spend like KL people do.

Go back to the corporate world - Who is going to take care of my children? Who is going to send them to school and fetch them home? Who is going to guide them doing their homework? Hire a van to fetch them? Send them to nursery? Send them to after school care? With 4 kids, all the money I earn from working will be used there. Might as well I don't work and mind them myself. :P

Blogging for Adsense - It takes a lot of time researching and writing which I don't have much anymore with a demanding baby.

Babysitting - I am seriously thinking of this option but not now. Maybe after my youngest is 1yo when he can walk and play with others.

Giving Tuition - I don't think I have the patience to teach. :P

So for the time being, I will live with the minimal that I have and continue to praise God for His blessings. :)

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