Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Health is Wealth

Everyone will surely agree with my statement. No one can make money when they are sick. My income drops a lot during my pregnancy because I can't stare my computer screen for more than 5 minutes or I'll get nauseous and giddy. Less time on the computer, means less money come in.

The main culprit that leads to sickness is the thing that keeps us alive; food (apart from water and air). There are so many chemical in our food today that many die of cancer and heart problem. One of the ways to minimize this risk is by cleansing our colon as often as possible.

Many years ago, I was really into coffee enema but stopped once I got pregnant until today. I wanted to start again but no one to motivate me. hehe. There are also other colon cleansing product in the market like Colonix. Anyone try this before?