Friday, May 29, 2009

Back To Work

I am seriously considering to go back to work after my newborn celebrate his 1 year old birthday.

I don't regret resigning from my previous job. I enjoyed my work a lot but I don't like those who pays me. I like them as a person but not as a boss. They are nice people but they are way too stingy and do not know how to appreciate their employees.

Why am I considering to go back to work again? Well, with the economic slowdown, hubby's income is very much affected and that includes my online income too.

The thing is, whenever we have a fulltime worker, the sales tend to be lower and on certain months hubby doesn't have income at all. But if we don't have any worker, hubby's health will be affected because he has to work from 10am to 12mn Monday to Saturday! Sometimes I wish hubby has a fix salary job and not running his own business.

My worry now is that if hubby has no income and I am not earning enough from online, where are we going to get the money to pay bills and to top with that, my tenant is leaving end of this month and we have no new tenant yet.

If I work, at least my salary can cover everything; if God bless me with the same salary before I left the workforce or more. ;) But I have to sacrifice my time with my children and I would need my mom to babysit my youngest.

Haiya, don't want to talk so much lar. Kek Sim lar. :P

I hope money would fall down from Heaven soon.

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