Friday, April 03, 2009

Google Adsense Paying for My Hospital Bill & Confinement Food

I just cash out USD216.33 from Western Union yesterday from Public Bank. In RM, I got RM777.60. This is my first payment from Adsense and it comes right on time when I most needed it. However, this money does not come easy. It took me almost one year to feel the cash in my hand.

From the amount, RM300++ will go to the hospital bill for the birth of my 4th child which is any time soon. I gave my mom RM300 for my confinement food; free range chicken, fish and veggie.

The balance, we had McD yesterday, bought a PC Game for my daughter and kindergarten fees for my girls; RM120 for both.

There goes all my Adsense income.

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