Thursday, March 05, 2009

Website Builder for Dummy

If you are searching high and low on how to create website from scratch, your search stops here.

With BlueVoda, I think even my 6yo daughter can build a website. It is just like playing dress up game. All you got to do is drag & drop. They provide an image library where you will be able to download hundreds of free logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers.

You don't even have to know what is HTML or what is coding. You can even start a website immediately from their pre-designed website templates. BlueVoda also provides a built-in help system, a community forum as well as step-by-step video tutorials that will have you design your website in no time.

I should ask my creative 6yo daughter to design one website for me. It would be interesting to see her choice of colour, templates and logo. If it turns out very good, we can even make some money selling them for her future higher education savings.

I am actually scratching my head now on how to get quarter million dollars in 15 years time because my 6yo daughter wants to become a pediatrician. At the same time, we are reminding her to study smart and study hard so that she can get full scholarship instead. =)

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