Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lifebuoy and Biore

For the first time after more than a year working for our family, the maid requested me to buy body soap and facial cleanser using her Angpow money and if not sufficient to deduct her salary. She never spend a single cent for herself since she started working for us.

She can use the body soap that our family uses. It has been like that since the very beginning.

Why she is suddenly so generous to spend her money? I wonder.

During the CNY, RM600 went missing from BIL's pocket and the maid was the only one hanging his pants after washing. She denied taking the cash though. So we just let it be and will only conduct a thorough check the day before she return to her home country to prove her truthfulness.

If she took it, this could be the reason she is generous in spending her money.

Or maybe, she needs to get her old smell again and a clear face before returning to her husband this November.

Only God knows her intention.

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