Friday, February 27, 2009

Adsense Payment still on Hold

My Adsense payment has been on hold since August last year because I forget to claim it. Ever since I have been trying to contact their Support but all I got was their auto-response saying that my pin number is correct but that is not my problem.

But I didn't loose hope. Every month, and lately every day, I click on the Contact Support hoping that some human will answer my email. I still get the auto-response and when I went to check their forum, some are facing the same problem too and no one from Adsense reply to them too.

What I did was, PRAY!

Lo and behold, my God answers prayer. Yesterday, when I click Contact Support, a new form appeared. This time it is more specific asking about the payment that is on hold. I still have not received any response from Adsense yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will release my payment soon.

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