Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only One Angpow Packet

I went to the bank to change some new notes for the CNY Angpow. To my surprise, I was only given ONE packet (8 pcs) of Angpow packet. When I ask for me, the teller told me that they have limited Angpow packet.

I was like, "Hello, this is not my first time here you know. I have several accounts with you; business and personal." I did not verbalize it though because I have a friend who is a Manager there. So I went out of the building and SMS her telling her that we need more Angpow packets. She said "Ok."

Hubby told me that that is the normal practice in the bank. If the teller is not familiar with your face, you won't get much "help". Next year, must let hubby do the changing coz, they are very familiar with his face. :P

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