Monday, October 20, 2008

More Money Please

Sad to know that hubby is only eligble for RM10k personal loan from one of the local bank here. I guess the credit bureaus are not sending good credit on him to the banks. Maybe getting free credit score would help.

In time like this, I do regret resigning from my job. If not we can easily get any amount of loan with my fixed salary.

I was praying this morning that God will bless us with a minimum income of RM5k a month so that we can live comfortably. Then it strikes my mind that we have been earning that much when I was working and blogging at the same time. But I sacrificed that in order to be there for my children ALL THE TIME.

In life, we can't get the best of both world. Anyway, I am still praying hard that God will truly bless us financialy so that I can forgo blogging for money totally and concreate FULLY on raising my children.

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