Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can't understand Man when it comes to Spending

Hubby asked me to buy a new sink for my apartment because the student requested it to be changed because it is a lil bit dented. Hubby managed to get RM50 for them for the sink because the sink is still in good condition, it is only dented not leaking!

When it comes to hard earn money, I am very trifty. I went to buy the cheapest sink I can find; exactly the same as the one in my apartment; an aluminium sink which cost only RM46. I was so happy about it because we don't have to top up the cost to replace the sink.

When I told hubby about it, he was not happy because I bought the same as the current one and it is cheap. He said that the student might not notice that the old one has been replaced. He wants something nicer and looks more expensive! So we went to change to a stainless steel one which look more shiny and of course more expensive; RM78 a unit.

Haiya! Why spend so much? As long as the new sink not dented ok already what?

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David Bong said...

Aiya.... me also dont understand the tenant. Why must change?