Friday, October 10, 2008


I just spent SG$109.38 to buy 2 units of Greenpan for my sister’s house warming gift. They are non stick pans using Thermolon(tm) non-stick Technology, heat resistant up to 450 C/ 850 F and no PTFE - no use of PFOA. Don’t ask me what is that, I have no idea! Hahaha.

The introductory price is SG$69 after 15% discount. Looks cheap right but the delivery charges is SG$18.50. On top of that there is 25% Tax of the total invoice amount. Even the delivery charges were tax at 25%!!!

So I ended up paying RM255 for 2 pcs of that frying pan. I never spend that much buy cooking utensil before and never will for myself! Since she is moving to her new house next week and I can’t afford to sponsor an air-conditioner as she requested and this is the 2nd item in her wanted list and only I can buy coz I am always online! So, I close both eyes and click “Buy”! LOL.

Since her new house is not that far from our parent’s, she is shifting her stuff little by little. If the house is out of this state, she will sure need company like Boston Moving company to help her move.

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