Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fighting Credit Fees

I have a few credit cards but only once I spent more than half of the credit limit; once I did not paid in full the outstanding amount because I used the credit card to furnish my new bought apartment that cost me thousands of dollars and once I used the card for cash advance.

Wondering why I did all the above only once? It is because of the fees that I have to pay for all the above transaction. When I look at the amount, it is not worth it paying unless you really have no other option.

So my credit cards are free for life; meaning my annual fee is waived as long as I swipe 12 times in a year. There is no such thing as credit card with no fees at all.

If you hear people talking about fighting credit fees, they are actually referring to ways to avoid unnecessary credit fees.

As for me, I will avoid getting cash advance from the ATMs. Not only the cash advance fee is high, the interest rate for the cash advances is extremely high too!

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