Saturday, August 09, 2008

Politic and Transparency

I normally don’t follow the political development in my country but since the recent general election in March 2008 where the Opposition Party won a few of the major states in the country, I started following it like a hawk. Hehe.

There is a wind of change in the politic here. The Ruling Party is panicking and came out with all sorts of shocking and unmoral way of pulling down the Leaders of the Opposition Party. Politic is so dirty, I tell you. Oh you know already ya. :P

At one point, they grosses me. They make me wanna puke. I wanna give up following what’s happening but it is getting very interesting lately. Very hard to resist.

My country arh, say only democracy but it is in the paper only but not in practice. There is no transparency at all. All records are kept to themselves; public won’t easily get hold of any government report like what US is practicing.

For instant, correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, printed material and invitations generated from the office of First Deputy Mayor Norman Steisel can easily be accessible from NYC government website.

My country is still far from that stage of transparency. Or maybe it will never!

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