Saturday, August 09, 2008

Electricity Bill

Today I am surprised by the electricity bill. Really, really surprised. Last month it was only RM88.85. The months before it was almost touching RM200. After BIL shifted to his new home, it dropped back to normal; that was the amount in last month bill. So this month I am expecting more because the electricity rate increased since last month.

Much to my surprise, the bill is only RM62.60. I was so happy to see the bills. Even though I am at home most of the time, I tried my very best to save on the electricity by using my laptop battery for as long as the battery can last then only charge it when the battery gone flat.

I also blog in the living hall or at the verandah where it is windy; not need fan and well lighted; no need switch on the light. My children don't sleep in air-cond room anymore; they will cough if they do.

When you are paying the bill, you will definitely try to save as much as you could but when you are not, you used electricity like it is free.

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