Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can I receive Email to my Cell Phone without 3G?

I was so frustrate this morning because I missed an assignment again because I forget to set my alarm to wake me up at 6.30am. When I am awake, without fail, I will check my email every hour. And when I am out, I wish I can check my email too from time to time. I can if I go buy the 3G phone and subscribe to wireless broadband but as for now, I don't have that much to spend. Anyway, I am not waiting for any business from my email, just curious to read comments left for my blogs and urgent assignment to grab. :D

For those that always awaits for urgent emails but not able to be in front of the computer the whole time, there is a way to get your email to your phone without 3G and broad. Have you heard of Email To Phone Service?

Through this service, you can receive your urgent email by voice mail or SMS. This service not only available to your cell phone but to your land-line phone, fax, PDA or pager. You choose which email to receive and at the time convenient to you.

Maybe I should subscribe to this service and I won’t miss any assignment again!

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