Friday, July 18, 2008

Own Business is Always Better

There is no security when you work for others. No matter how much you like working with them and satisfied with their pay but once economy going bad, there will be cutting cost; retrenchment and buy over; change of new management. The company that I put so much hope in was bought over and the new management didn't wanna do referral. So, I am out of job. =( Thank God I still have some assignment from a few advertising networks. If not, everyday eat instant noodle! hehe

The best would still owning your own business. So that is why I am going into earning from Adsense and considering starting a web store. A friend did send me a video and guide about how to start Affiliate Marketing but it is so technical! On top of that how do I drive traffic to my website??? I hate this part.

Thank God I discovered about Ispeedway. They have hundreds of templates that include secure shopping cart and ordering system. They have their product list so I don't have to crack my head which product to sell that brings the most profit and I can use their TrafficBuilder to bring traffic to my web store.

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Wei Liang said...

I agree that working for others provide no security at all. U never know when you will be retrenched. That is why I have gone into online business too. Im new in this field too but I do share the knowledge that I have so far till now. Although my traffic is around 100 daily only. If you are interested, do join and I will update daily. Looking forward to exchange pointers as well