Sunday, June 15, 2008

RM10k Miracle

I need minimum RM8k this month! This gonna really stress me up. I think I need the kava kava drink to get me going and sane throughout this month!

My monthly expenses is RM3k++; tithe, insurance, food, petrol, milk, diapers, maid, babysitter, kindy fee and utility bills.

Just fixed a water filter about RM1k++.

Hubby sending his car for repainting today, about RM2k.

Mission pledge, RM1k.

Total = RM8k.

And hubby wants to buy a bicycle too to cycle to work. Well, he needs to go claim his petrol rebate to buy that bicycle.

Hubby said, let's expect a miracle this month. Pray for RM10k. =D

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