Thursday, June 05, 2008

40% & 18% Up

How nice if that is the percentage of my salary increment.

Petrol has increased by 78 cents. That also means the price all other goods and services will increased too. Unless those goods are being transported from one destination to another by bicycle or by walking!

At the end of the day, who will suffer the most? The poor of course. And who are the poorest in this country? The Bumiputras which that they has been helping since 1957.

Yes, there will be rebates but to get the government to refund our money, that is almost impossible. Just take a look at the PCB, how many got their money back which they paid extra?

We have our own crude oil, why must we pay the same price like other countries that does not have crude oil. Just take a look at Brunei, Kuwait and other Arab countries that has their own crude oil. Their people are living in luxury. No need to pay tax somemore. Wealth are being distributed to the people. Why can't the same being practiced here?

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