Friday, May 30, 2008

VERY Excited To Receiving Bills

I am VERY excited to receiving the electricity bill and water bill this month. SIL and her niece has been staying at home almost the whole day, watching TV from the moment they open their eyes til the wee hour of the day. Air-cond? Without a doubt it is running a few hours a day. If not, I doubt they can survive in the room more than 20 hours a day.

Who is paying for all this? The one who is VERY excited to receiving the bills!

Without her being confined at home, I am already paying more than double the utility bills since they moved in. I will surely freak out if it is tripled in the next billing. I will sure get hubby to tell his brother to pay the extras.

One of them broke the shower hose. You know what BIL did? He just glue it, only after I ask him what happened to it, a day after it broke! Not that I do not have money to replace it but I want him to be responsible for his action.

Hubby can't stand seeing the water leaks from the hose and got a new hose which cost only RM10!

If you were in my shoe, you angry or not?

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