Monday, May 12, 2008

Time is Money

Look at this beautiful dewitt watch. I am sure those who can afford it is already owning one. The price $50k - $70k. Did I hear a "bang" sound? Did you fall from the chair??? Yes, it is that costly. I guess it because it is made from Red Gold and Titanium.

People say "Time is Money", don't waste time because time is money. But I never thought a watch that tells the time is money too! Would you spend so much money buying time? I would but not buying a watch that tells time. Hehe.

But there are a lot of rich people out there that their hobby is collecting luxury watches. So, this type of watch will normally sits in their display or watch album. Too priceless to be worn on the wrist. Am I right???

Anyway, I am still wearing a watch that I bought 10 years ago in Langkawi. I have wanted to replace it but I don’t see the urgency because it still tells accurate time. I am still waiting for someone gives me an expensive watch. I wonder whether expensive watches would be able to give me extra an hour a day. That would be wonderful, eh? I won’t mind spending extras for one. LOL

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