Friday, May 02, 2008

Save Money When Spending

How could one save money when they spend? Spend means spend. If you want to save money then don't spend. Right? Wrong! In certain situation we have no choice but to spend like shopping for groceries, petrol, paying for insurance, school fees etc. Besides looking for discounts and cheap sales, you can actually save using your plastic money.

This is where Cash Back Credit Cards comes in the picture. Use your credit card to spend, don't use cash and you will see some cash coming back to you. Interesting right? I have one card that is giving me cash back and it is so nice seeing those money that I spent coming back to me.

If you are already using credit cards, here is another way of saving; Balance Transfer Credit Cards. offers a range of 0% APR balance transfer credit cards. All you got to do is transfer your balance to these kinds of credit cards and save on your interest rate. I have done this before and I save a lot of money. =)

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