Friday, May 09, 2008

Making Money to Pay Endowment Policy

I really enjoy doing my new job now. I hope and pray that this job will last for a long long time since I will be resigning next month and this will be a full time job for me. I do not want to end up selling endowment policies. I like meeting people but I don't like persuading people to "surrender" their money to me. I really do not have marketing skill. When, I will tell you my offer. You like it, you take. You don't like it. Fine with me. I won't persuade you. "Please lar, buy from me." I am no beggar. I am not proud. It is just that I do have the time, the energy and the personality to do as such.

Anyway, back to my fun job. In order to continue having fun, I need to continuously look for new blogs. I really have no idea how to do that. Blog hop every hours??? Tired lar like dat. I hope that new bloggers that I meet, those nice and friendly ones will be a help to me. Help me recommend more bloggers to me. So that I can continue putting food on the dinner table and pay hubby's endowment policy. =)

1 comment:

David Bong said...

Wah... so nice kind of work you got.
Hope you will get what you wish for.

Anyway...feels like making love to you. Oh ya... Happy Mother's Day to you.