Thursday, May 01, 2008

Grab a LinkPost Job

In ReviewMe, we have the Review Clearinghouse

In Blogsvertise, we have the Grab Bag. No Pic, I don't have any Grab Bag now.

Today, I discovered that LinkWorth has something similar too. Once I login into my account, on the right hand side, I saw this...

You saw that??? There are 4 LinkPost Jobs available. I am so excited because it has been very dry the past few days. Not a single opp for me. =(

Unfortunately, there is none for me unless I wanna write about Casino which I don't.

» LinkPost Jobs with green background are available for you to accept.
» LinkPost Jobs with red background are not available for the selected blog.

I'll come back from time to time to see whether there is non casino LinkPost for me.

Those that don't mind writing about gambling website, what are you waiting for???


1 comment:

Health Freak Mommy said...

Me too, also 4 ops but all gaming... which I will not touch :(