Saturday, May 03, 2008

9th Year Anniversary

Today in History.

On this day in 1999 I set foot in the company I am currently "half" attached to.

My first pay was only RM1k! I was a fresh from the oven (USM). I can't believe I accepted such low pay. I must be very desperate then. So fresh until I don't know my value. However in less than a year my pay was adjusted to RM1.6k. That's the normal freshy pay then.

I gave myself 5 years max to be with the company but due to $$$. I stayed on until today.

After 9 years, you just add another RM1k to my first year salary. Don't you think that I am underpaid?

Anyway, gonna leave, finally leaving pretty, pretty soon. =D


huisia said...

one word, LEAVE!!

Michelle said...

yes...leaving, leaving. =)