Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maxis System Sucks

My boss was so so angry with Maxis on Monday because his line was barred by Maxis due to late payment!

I usually make the payment for him through After completing the payment we need to wait for the email confirmation then I will print it out for him. All this while we have no problem with the payment made through Payonline.

So, in February the boss told me not to print out the confirmation. In March he received a letter of late payment. They did not receive the payment I made in February. When I retrieve the email again, then only we realized that the payment was not successful. In that month boss uses his HSBC credit card instead of the normal UOB credit card.

So I immediately pay for him for the overdue and cc a copy to the officer that my boss spoke too.

In this month's bill, it is stated that boss has overdue of almost RM800. Their system has not update the payment I made in March! Since his deposit is only RM1150, they barred the line because till Monday, he has already used up RM1k.

He freaks out lar because he can't make any call out. Not only his number but his wife's and his daughter because they are using the same account.

They called me on Monday and told me to pay for them the outstanding of RM500 plus is only due on 24th April. Done that with my own credit card.

On Tuesday, they unbarred but after a few hours they barred it again. Of course they got scolded from my boss but they said they can't do anything much until the payment has come in.

This morning when I called, then only they check and told me that they have received my payment and unbarred the number. When asked the reason for it even though payment has been made in March, she can't explain. It's the system!

Who created the system then? Maxis better create a better system because businessmen are using their services. One failed phone call can cost millions.

My boss has no faith in Celcom, they too created problem for him a few years ago. Now Maxis. Will he turn to Digi now? ;)

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