Thursday, April 24, 2008

BOSS is Soooo Much Better Than Nescafe

I gobbled down a can of BOSS last night around 8pm. Went to bed around 2am but can't sleep. I dunno what time I doze off but I dreamt the whole night. My mind can't stop thinking. I woke up at 7am feeling very fresh and awake and I am still VERY AWAKE now!

I can't drink Nescafe; even the mild ones. Within minutes, I will start to feel giddy, perspire, and nauseous. I need to drink lots of water to flush it out then sleep to get rid of the giddiness and nausea. Yes! I can sleep with Nescafe in my body.

With BOSS, I don't experience any of the above. So far, I have not discover any side effect from drinking BOSS. Sure have one. Caffeine is never good for your health. =P

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