Saturday, April 19, 2008

300 words for USD5???

I pass.

That day I even let go 300 words for USD9 in Tigapi.

When I bid, I did not see carefully the amount of words required. Now I regretted it.

I wrote for Tigapi a few days ago for USD8, 50 words only. I just wrote for RM, 200 words for USD5.

Now you wanna me write 300 words for USD5.60 (I get 70% of the bidding price) only??? Pigi lar. I will let you expire. =P


Elaine said...

I the beggar cannot be choosy. I also get. Damn stupid low payout. But what to dry lately. If only I can write for Tigapi , I won't be bothered with this stupid BBR.

shoppingmum said...

I din bid there long long time, all i see is 300 words, so bye bye la.