Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinking About Money

I have been thinking about money A LOT lately. Especially since the "online job" which did not work out then my car broke down and then the cost of fixing hubby's car for our trip to Genting Highland. All this when I am only earning half a pay and paid post is very scarce these days with no page rank.

I was thinking to pull my 2nd girl out of kindy. That would save me RM160 a month since her teacher said that she is not learning much in school. After much consideration, I will still let her stay for the sake of learning the Chinese language.

I praise God that above all these, He is still the Jehovah Jireh, God the Provider. I am seeing His blessing flowing into hubby's business. Hubby already ordered 2 more computers and I prayed that the sales will doubled soon. Then I do not have to worry so much about income from blogging.

Well, if I am really desperate, I can always go for the Cash advance. I could get the much needed cash on the next business day. As it is, I am depending and trusting God to provide. He never failed me and I believe that He never will.

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