Saturday, March 29, 2008

SEO Company Save Money By Going Direct To Bloggers

I praise God that when one door is closed, many more doors are opening for me to earn income from blogging and the internet to support my family. I praise God also for the friends that I met online that is never stingy on sharing their "wealth". It may not be in term of cash but by recommending me to Search Engine Optimization company that entitled me to earn from writing reviews.

God can do wonders in our life. Even with PR0 we still can afford to earn some from blogging. It seems that more and more SEO companies is breaking free from paying fees to blog advertising companies to get bloggers to write for them. They are going direct to bloggers which indeed saves a lot to them.

Let’s say one blog advertising company charges 30/70. 30% for them and 70% to bloggers. With that 30% saving, they can get more bloggers to write for them and get more backlinks in return.

And they do not have to work hard to find bloggers too. They only need to get in touch with one of them and hundreds will come knocking at the door. That is what some of us will do, we don’t keep good things from our fellow bloggers; we share. :D

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