Thursday, March 06, 2008

Play and Learn

It has been a week of working half day and spending the rest of the day at home with my children. Nothing much has been done except guiding my eldest to complete her homework and making sure all of them nap everyday.

Before I resign, I have so many ideas and ideals on what to do with them but now, when I am finally with them, I became clueless on what to do. Have you experienced the same?

Hubby told me to bring them outdoor in the evening so that they can learn from the nature. So far the only outdoor education that they got from me was about plants; about stem, roots and leaves. We do have some Maths exercise; counting petals.

I need to think of games to play outdoor for pre-schoolers and toddler. If they were older, I would have gotten the Baseball Gloves and we could play baseball; my favorite game.

Since they are still young and their hands are still tiny, I don’t think they have mini baseball gloves. Hehehe. Must think of other fun games. Maybe we could play pirates game and ask them to find treasures. Hmmm…that would be fun.

Blogging does help me my brain to start thinking! Hahahaha.

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