Friday, March 28, 2008

More Computers, More Customers

Last month, hubby paid RM100 to a guy to send out 3000 pieces of leaflet about the services that we offer besides the internet. Praise God that it helps to boost our sales and more people are signing up for the computer class which is subsidized by the government. Meaning those who attends the class do not have to pay a single cents. The government will pay us for providing the basic computer course to them.

Since then, we have added 2 more computers; we have 18 units now. During peak hours, we still have to turn down a few customers. We wanted to add more computers but we still can't afford it yet. I am praying that more computers will be added within this year. My hope, my dream, my wish and my prayer that the internet cafe will be filled with computers and all computers will be occupied most of the time or ALL the time during our opening hours. Sounds like impossible right?

Well, I believe that God will do wonders. He is a miracle working God remember? Maybe one fine day someone from the Marketing Company who is an expert in this field, pops up at our door step offering free service to market our services. We’ll never know how God works.

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