Friday, March 14, 2008

In Debt for 9 Years?

After going through a few websites that sells used cars, a call to BIL who works with Daihatsu and checking the car loan calculator to find out how much will our installment be, I am a lil bit contemplated to get a better car.

And then, yesterday, the car mechanic came to fix my old junk advised us not to get a Honda because it is very high maintenance if anything goes wrong. He advised us to get a Wira instead. Local car??? Can buy but not used ones. If we were to get a new Wira, we need to pay minimum RM500 for 9 years. We will be in debt for 9 years; as though paying rental to use the car. Not that we are going to travel outstation every day or every month; might as well rent a car whenever we want to travel outstation. That will be like 3-4 times a year only. You know lar, local cars, after 5 years, all kinds of problem will pop up; unless someone donated their winning poker chips that is enough to get us a car for cash like RM20k. ;)

So we decided to stop looking and spend our money fixing the current car. Not mine but hubby's. His is in better condition than mine. :)

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