Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sad, Disappointed but Not Angry

No more Link Pop Job for me.

I am feeling more of sad than angry.

I was given a 3 hours assignment to search for relevant links for their client. The links must have minimum PR1 and less than 50 outbound links in the page that they will link to the client’s website. That was the only instruction that as given to me plus some keywords.

After 3 hours, I only get 11 links. I submitted the links, and then only more instruction was given. Cannot linger on one page more than 1 minute. Expected minimum links per hour is 10 links!

Ok ok, must speed up my work. So I tried for another 3 hours. I only get 13 links this time around. Something must be wrong somewhere. One thing that I noticed that most pages I came across has PR0 back on that lil’ green bar.

So I emailed them asking for assistant. You know what? Instead of him replying me, his GM contacted me via Skype and told me that he would not look into my problem. I have to figure out myself where the problem lies.

I had a chat with Amy and she mentioned that the lil’ green bar does not give accurate PR, I should use the DigPageRank. With her help, I managed to get another 6 links to sum it up to 30 links in about an hour time.

Happily I submitted my 3 hours assignment that turned in 8 hours job, telling him that I discovered my problem. I did not expect to get paid for it thinking that this is just training period.

I am very sad when I received his reply this afternoon, telling me that other contractors can do 10-15 links an hour and I would not be given any more jobs. Not even considering giving me a second chance.

And all this while I thought that they are very professional.

Now I wonder what the definition of professionalism is.

If you are looking for a pro in this field, why look for a Mommy???

It’s ok, my family won’t die of starvation without AUD.


shoppingmum said...

this is bad!!! I'm so sorry to hear this, but you have done your best.

Jess said...

so stress job, forget about it lar!

Don't cry over this small matter lar!

Deana E said...

wow..that is bad la..forget about it..not worth your time and effort..btw how much do they pay? if lot then ok..if not, then...

huisia said...

a hug for you..
i know how tough of your life