Monday, February 04, 2008

Not Easy To Earn AUD

I am not so sure whether I want to continue doing this work or they would want me to work for them. As agreed they will pay me by the hour but after my first trial assignment, they were disappointed with my result. For 3 hours, I only managed to get 11 links.

So I shoot an email to them telling that I will try for another 3 hours at no cost. Then only they tell that I need to get at least 10 links an hour if not I won’t get any new assignment.

I was taken aback by that statement. I thought there will be 2 weeks of holding hands. They are supposed to teach me, show me the tricks and also my mistakes. Not just tell me that if I can’t achieve the quota, no new assignment.

I am so disappointed.

After that additional 3 hours, I manage to get another 13 links. All together 24 links; still not enough. A 3 hours job became a 6 hours job but still quota not met.

Not an easy job. Bad for the eyes.


Montessorimum said...

What job and what links is that?? Care to share?

JO-N said...

High expectation, eh? Take it easy, Miche. Try your best and if you failed at the end, at least you have put in your very best.