Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Last Angpow

OMG! My colleague just handed me an Angpow from one of the transport company. Of all the years I have worked here, this is the first time they give us Angpow. Only my colleague and me got it. The amount, RM100. Big amount leh!!!

First thing comes to my mind. Is this a bribe? Should I accept it or return it back to her?

When I first work here, our main transporter did offer me a very thick Angpow before CNY. He came to send some oranges for the company at the same time. However, I decline. It was too obvious that he is bribing me. He understood my stand and he took it back and never give me anymore Angpow.

Since today is still CNY day; the last day. I think I will accept it. I need money!!! :P

1 comment:

huisia said...

take it :)