Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ads in Post Opp

Praise God for His Blessing.

Sometime ago I was offered USD25 for an ad in my post. However there was an error in the link and I received an email from the advertiser to fix it. Once done, I shoot them an email to inform them that I have fixed it and casually ask whether there are any more ads for me.

To my surprise, they ask for blogs that do not have their ads. So I submitted a few but they chose only one which was a niche blog; health. For 3 ads, I am being paid USD100. Isn't that wonderful?

Don't be envy, I am trying to get something for you too. I emailed them this morning asking whether they want any more blogs and the niche that they are looking for. If there is, it will be a good news to those who have niche blog. Hmmm..niche blog does pay. :)

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