Sunday, January 06, 2008

Permanent Staff Resigned

Our internet cafe permanent staff resigned on New Year's Day. No notice at all. On the 31st he just told hubby that he found a new job at a restaurant and that day is his last day. Thank God he has a good employer, if other, he would have to pay the company one month salary.

On the 2nd he called hubby asking back for the job because the restaurant serves alcohol. Of course hubby did not take him back. Now he is working as an office boy for a law firm. Good for him. At least he does not end up in any drug rehabs centre.

So, blogging at night is not so fun for me coz I am without a company because hubby is working. I only have my online friends who are also busy blogging at the same time and no time to chat while we blog away. hehe.

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