Monday, January 14, 2008

Learning HTML

One of my new job requirements is for me to know some basic HTML. I was thinking of heading to the bookstore just now to get a book on Dummies Guide To HTML (is there such a book with that title?). hehe.

Thanks to this lady, I save a few bucks. She gave me this link to learn all about it. Maybe I might buy her travel gear as a token of appreciation when I am rich already. She loves traveling. :)


JO-N said...

Thanks for the link. I too need the tutorial. By the way, whose blog is goyamcha?

Michelle said...

chooi peng

chooi peng said...

if not mistaken, the book of "Dummies Guide To HTML" is yellow cover. LOL

no worry, i m sure will browse through the site then let you know what i want then you can buy for me!! kakakkak