Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fine Art

People say when you love numbers, you won’t be good in arts. It’s like the left brainer verses the right brainer. I have both. Due to it I am no expert in field. I love Maths but not Accounts. I love handicraft but not painting. My art goes to especially my baking skill. I make sure that my cookies are pretty! Hahaha.

I have a friend that is not good in numbers but she is very good in fine arts. I love her paintings. Unfortunately she did not pursue her dream to be an artist because of finance. However she is a beautician now and a florist too. That is an art too right???

Sometimes I wonder those artists who always participate in exhibitions, how do they transport their paintings from one gallery to another gallery. It must be quite a tedious job packing and unpacking, wrapping and unwrapping.

Due to it, many of them will invest in good Fine Art Storage and also hire movers that know the value of their artwork. Well, if one of their paintings is sold, I guess paying for the services is only minimal to them. I wonder why some people are willing to pay thousands and sometimes millions of just a piece of canvas with oil paint on them. This is what they call art ya?

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