Thursday, January 31, 2008

Change The Way You Work

The company wanted to change the brand image of their products so that they can penetrate to the Europe market. So far we got the mock up for the bottle ready but it was not up to the boss expectation. One mock up which is made of wood cost RM1k. I told my colleagues, pay my dad lar, he can do much nicer mock up for them.

So now, after the bottle has been finalized we need to get a new design for the labels. Boss wants to save money from hiring professional designer; he got the Production Manager to design the label. Well, he is quite good too. I think if he resigns from this company, anytime he can get a job at vistaprint.

If you always wanted to change the way you work, the way business works and change an entire industry; you can, at VistaPrint. VistaPrint offers career opportunities that are highly rewarding, allow you to be your innovative best, get you excited about work and really make an impact on the success of VistaPrint.

Hmmm….why my employer can’t provide all this to us. If they do, I won’t be resigning. Hehe. I guess working in an arts industry is fun and challenging too.

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