Saturday, January 19, 2008

Almost Got Choke by Currypuff!

Today I understand why the radio DJs kept "nagging" about don't eat and drive. I almost got choke by a currypuff when driving to office just now.

I was busy eating my breakfast in the car so that I have more time in the office to write the post that I reserved.

Suddenly a black dog crossed the road right in front of me. Instead of quickly run to cross the road, he was so stunt by the "beauty" of my old junk and paused to admire my car.

I immediately stamp on my brakes and swallow my currypuff at the same time. Thank God I managed to avoid running over him. Thank God that I swallow quick enough and did not get choke.

So, lesson learnt. Don't Eat and Drive.


chooi peng said...

i am imagine, if you were eating banana and not curry puff..... LOL

Msau said...

to CP...I think she will bite the banana and the banana putus!...kesian nya...