Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pizza Hut Kids Meal

I brought my 2nd girl for pizza at Pizza Hut yesterday.

You see, I seldom go to Pizza Hut and not aware of their kids meal. So, on that day, I order a set of Sensasi Delight Pizza, Cheezy Meatball (RM8.90) and a Mousie ice-cream (RM2.50). While waiting for our order, I flip through the promotion leaflet on the table and saw the Kids Meal set. A Cheezy Meatball, a Mousie ice-cream, an Ice Milo and a toy for only RM8.80. I ordered the Cheezy Meatball and a Mousie ice-cream! By changing the order, I get an Ice Milo and a toy plus less 10 cents to pay. So I went over to the counter to change my order since my order has not been sent to me.

The cashier said "No changing after ordering" so does the supervisor. So I "lectured" them a lil bit that as a customer, I have bla bla bla bla and they should bla bla bla bla. They still said "Cannot". Ok lar, I left them and walk to my table to ask for hubby's help because I know that hubby knows the manager. The manager is our Internet cafe's regular customer.

While talking to hubby, the supervisor came over and said that they will change my order. You see lar, simple things also want to make it complicated.

So remember, to take time to go through their menu thoroughly before ordering. They won't recommend the best deal for you one. They only want to make as much money from you.

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