Thursday, December 13, 2007

He Looks Stupid

If you still remember, this year the government declared Wesak Day as a compulsory public holiday for all even those who did not choose Wesak Day as one of the selected public holiday (min 10 days). It is because Wesak Day falls on the same day as Labour Day which is on Tuesday and the government wants us to declare Monday as a holiday so that Malaysian can have a longer off day on that week.

Boss is not happy about it because instead of only 10 days, he has to give extra one day public holiday to us. To those who declared Wesak Day as a public holiday, it does not affect them.

He kept asking, what if next year the government did the same, declaring Wesak Day as public holiday. Then he will be at the loosing side. I told him, it won’t happen because next year Wesak Day won’t coincide with any other public holiday. He is not convinced.
Last week when I asked for the public holiday list for next year, lo and behold he picked Wesak Day as one of our 10 days public holiday and replaced that with New Year’s Day. Yes! We will be working when the rest of the world is on holiday.

By doing this, it really make him look stupid. Don’t you think so?

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