Saturday, December 15, 2007

Because of Apostrophe

I lost 5 You Ass Dollar. (I angry ok, can’t get good night sleep because of this)

Last night I managed to reserve a PPP opp for $5 about the Globe Trotter’s Booklet. The links given has the Apostrophe S. Once I published the post in my blog, PPP system cannot detect the link and I kept receiving the link error message.

Saw Amy online and asked for help, she directed me to a PPP forum. Tried the code given in the forum but it did not work for my blog. Hers is ok. So I submit a ticket to PPP hoping that they will reply ASAP.

I can’t be waiting for the whole night for their reply, so I left my laptop on and sleep. Hoping that PPP CS will reply before the opp expires and hubby will help to fix it.

The first thing when I woke up this morning, I check my email. Unfortunately, they too, lead me to the forum and I can’t do nothing much about it. My opp expires. :(

From the forum, I read that most that experienced this before decided not to use the Rich Text Editor in their blog; then no more problems with Apostrophe. Must get Mandrake to help me out with this. I am Wordpress dummy.


chooi peng said...

so, u no get it?

Michelle said...

yalor...that's y i angry

shoppingmum said...

ai yo, that's why i told u the PPP support very slow wan...

huisia said...

alamak..u must seek help from cp rather than the forum. cp helped me to solve it

Michelle said...

amy ~ support told me to visit the forum!

huisia ~ i buzz cp but she gone missing that night. :(