Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rewards To Make Them Return

One of the ways to encourage our Internet Café customer return is by offering them rewards. What we did is, for every 20 hours, we will give them one hours of computer usage for free. Besides keeping these loyal customers, they bring in more customers to the shop due to this reward.

If you are doing e-commerce, webloyalty can help you do the same. What they will do it? After your customer check-out, they will receive an offer of $10 cash back award from Webloyalty to use on a return visit to the selling site. With that coupon comes an opportunity to experience a Webloyalty reward program free for 30 days. If the member likes the service they remain enrolled for a low monthly cost. If the member chooses not to remain, he or she can opt out with a guarantee of no hassle and no attempt to resell. In addition, the site owner generates revenue from the marketing and/or sale of the membership programs to consumers.

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