Thursday, November 29, 2007

IT Consulting

At work, I receive many phone calls asking for the IT Manager. They were each time surprised when I told that that we do not have IT Manager. When it comes to IT, the Operation Manager will avail himself to help. In a way, the boss saves a lot of money. Well, having a boss like mine, no point saving for them. They don’t appreciate our effort.

Since the Operation Manager cum IT Manager resigned, when we have problem with our networking, no one can help. Not even me. All I know to blog and make money. LOL. Oh well, it is time for the boss to engage an IT Consulting company like Boston IT Consulting name iCorp to assist us. We can't be bugging the ex-Operation Manager to come to our aid each problem pops up.

What does an IT consulting company does? Well, they don’t just consult. They help to analyze and optimize our network's performance. With IT consulting company, I don’t think you ever need the IT department. IT consulting company like iCorps takes the worry out of IT management. This mean you are free to focus on your business rather than your technical network issues. Their proactive maintenance and IT support programs help their clients’ IT departments operate more efficiently and effectively.

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