Saturday, November 10, 2007

Greener Pasture in Canada

Lots of Malaysian Chinese are migrating to other countries for greener pasture. So far 2 countries that is the favorite are Australia and Canada. Maybe there are a lot of Chinese in that country already and they won’t miss their Chinese community and food when they are there.

My very own sister in law and her family migrated to Australia last year. They actually wanted to go to Canada but she cannot stand the cold temperature in Canada.

If you love cold weather and friendly people, I hope they are friendly to foreigners, and planning to migrate to Canada, looking for jobs there is never that easy with Now Hiring Canada. You can conduct the job search by location and type of job. You can even post your resume and let employer find you, something similar to JobStreet here in Malaysia.

Recently they came up with a unique approach by placing one of their custom made 'Now Hiring Go To' signs in the business owner's windows, which directs the candidates to their website where they publish the employer's information on the Internet where the candidate is able to learn all they require about the available position.

Interesting right? Rather than just write in or walk in for interview without knowing about the company background, candidates are given an easy way out to learn more about the company and the job offer from Now Hiring Canada.

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