Saturday, November 03, 2007

8 Tips To Become Rich

1. Decide to become rich. Success is a choice. Choose today to be healthy, wealthy and happy for yourself, for your family and for society.

2. Mix with the rich. Like artists who socialize with other artists for new ideas associate yourself with winners for their qualities to rub on you.

3. Know what you want. Don’t run in circles like a hamster in a cage. With a clear destination, turn your life into a journey, an adventure and a quest.

4. Be grateful. Always see your glass half-full and use the magic word “Thank You” as often as you can.

5. Be a creator. You are unique in the whole universe. Don’t be a copycat; be an innovator, an inventor and a contributor in your field.

6. Wish for everyone to succeed. The more people around you prosper, the easier it becomes for you to realize your dreams.

7. Be the master of your mind. Don’t let your thoughts, mood or desires be dictated by circumstances. Take command and make your mind your servant in achieving your goals.

8. Live a balanced life. Maintain an upbeat personality through physical activities, intellectual pursuits and spiritual practices.

I found the above article on one of my colleagues desk. She told me that boss asked her to make a few photocopies of it and she made one for herself.

Now I know why he look down on the poor! Read tips No.2.

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chooi peng said...

what i know is, most rich people is stingy.